Why You Need Combination Boilers

There is nothing worse than coming home and not having enough hot water for a shower or your household uses. With so many different water heating mechanisms, it can be exceedingly difficult to choose the right one for your household needs. Fortunately, there is one type of boiler that is an excellent choice. A combination boiler, also known as a “combi-boiler”, is an extremely popular option because it is not only able to save space, but it is also is a very efficient piece of technology. Below is an overview of a combination boiler and why you should use one in your home.

Overview of Combination Boilers
Instead of storing domestic hot water like most boilers do, this type of boiler taps into the main cold source of water in your home. This boiler does not require all of the complicated mechanisms that traditional boilers need, such as the piping, loft tank, and heating cylinder. Instead, the water goes through a heating circuit. Once it goes through the circuit, the water is instantly heated and ready for use in your home. The only necessary element that this boiler needs to fulfill its heating requirements is firing. The heat enters through a heated flue gas system that allows the heat to escape in gas form to heat the water.

Saving Space and Time Heating
If you live in a small unit, then a combination boiler may be the best option for you. This type of boiler is excellent at saving space and you also don’t need to worry about fitting it in your home. In terms of the boiler’s heating abilities, this boiler is able to heat your water in about 40 seconds and in some instances, it will not release the water until it meets your heating requirements. Therefore, you can easily control how hot the water is and whether you want the water to reach your home.

Energy Efficient
Finally, another great feature about this type of boiler is that it is extremely energy efficient. As a result, it is the type of boiler that you should implement in your home if you want to help the environment, save energy, and even reduce your home’s monthly utility costs. By using this boiler, you’ll not only get the superior heating capabilities, but you’ll also be using a unit that is great for your home and for the environment.