Why To Select Blue Flame For Boiler Installation?

Heating our home is an important factor in comfortable living. You need the perfect boiler for the heating system of your home to ensure that your family will be having the right amount of warmth whenever required. Selecting the boiler and installing the boiler at home requires some knowledge about the type of boilers and the installation procedure for each of them. We at Blue Flame offer our service for selecting and installing the boilers for all types of properties big or small.


SavingYour Gas Bills


Blue Flame helps our customers save their gas bills by installing quality boilers according to the need. The A rated boilers used by the company helps you to save about £300 per year on the gas bills. You can approach us for replacing your old boiler or for installing the new boiler in your new built home. With more than 30 years experience in the field of heating system installation, we can provide the best service when it comes to boiler installation.


Convenient Finance Package


Buying and installing the boilers require huge investment and we offer convenient finance packages to customers who want to replace their old boilers.

  • There is no need for the customers to provide any deposit and there is no credit checks involved in allotting the loan for the installation of the boiler.
  • Many customers find this option very useful when they want to change their boilers immediately and they do not have sufficient funds to do the replacement.
  • You will be able to meet the upfront cost of the boiler with the help of the loan arranged by the company.

Cash Back Offer


When you are opting for the finance package for the installation of the boiler by our experts, you will qualify for lump sum cash back at the end of the loan period. The amount of cash back will depend on the loan amount allotted to the customer. You will be saving some money through this cash back offer and you will be getting the A rated boiler installed for the heating system without any additional cost. The only requirement for the eligibility of the loan is that you should be receiving state benefits and you should privately own or rent the property.


Excellent Job Quality


We offer excellent job quality through our highly professional boiler installation experts and other energy solution installation services.

  • The experience in job helps us to finish the job with ease and with perfection.
  • Customers can get all the required information about the boilers and the various processes in the installation by talking to our experts.
  • We are always approachable and we offer the affordable service.

We also offer good quality customer service which helps us to serve the customers in a better way. So, if you are thinking of getting a boiler installed in your home in the UK, all you need to do is to contact Blue Flame. We are ever ready to fulfill your boiler installation requirements.