The Types of Condensing Boilers To Heat Your Homes

It is winter season once again and if you are looking to buy a boiler for your home that will supply hot water during winter, then you have landed on the right page. There are many kinds of boilers that are available in the market these days. But, most popular types of boilers are condensing boilers and the following are the details of the different kinds of condensing boilers that you can choose for your home depending on the needs and your budget. Before that, let’s learn about condensation boiler.


What is Condensing Boiler?


Almost all the new boilers that you see in the market today are condensing boilers as they are far more efficient and reuse heat than the older boiler types. The condensation boiler comprises of two heat exchangers, a primary heat exchanger and a secondary larger heat exchanger that will help in pre-warming the water coming back into the boiler from the heating system. This will ensure that less amount of gas is burnt to heat the water. So, the condensation boilers will help in using the least amount of gas for heating water and is also highly energy efficient.


Combination Boilers


The combination boilers or simply combi boilers are the best selling boiler types in Britain. It is one that offers domestic hot water whenever needed and also provides heat to the radiators. As it combines two different aspects of a traditional boiler, this kind of heating system is called combi boiler system. All major parts of a boiler like a hot water cylinder as well as cold water tank are taken care in the combi boiler and this makes it quite a convenient boiler to install and use. As soon as you turn the hot water tap on, the water gets drawn from the main line, gets heated in the boiler and is sent to the tap piping hot.

  • Combi boilers produce instant and unlimited hot water supply
  • It has the capacity to produce 10 to 18 liters of water a minute.
  • It is an ideal choice for smaller homes that has low hot water demands.


Heat Only Boilers


This type of boiler is from the old fashion school of heating systems and produce hot water from the direct heat provided or radiators. The hot water is stored in a separate hot water cylinder.

  • As there is a tank to store hot water, you can use several taps to get hot water.
  • Best suited for homes where there is higher demand or hot water.
  • The boilers can be easily replaced into older heating systems with minimum pipe work changes.


System Boilers


This boiler has two tanks and it works on the principle of hot water storage. It will eat up a lot of space. All major components of hot water and heating systems are inbuilt in the system boilers. The boiler has a cold water tank in it, even though it does not need a feed and an expansion cistern.

  • It has a large tank to store hot water and hence several taps can be used.
  • Useful for larger homes where there are more members and need of hot water is more.

The installation process is quicker, easier, cleaner and more efficient.