The Government’s Boiler Replacement Scheme

These days, governments worldwide are taking initiatives to help homeowners attain more efficient and updated household materials. In terms of the UK government, the most popular schemes for homeowners is the boiler replacement scheme. According to news sources, Social Development minister, MervynStorey MLA, has made it known that he is planning a 2 million pound cash injection that will lengthen the boiler replacement scheme an additional year. This initiative will mainly benefit homeowners and the economy itself. If you are considering taking part in this scheme, below is an overview of what you can expect to gain and how it will help you in the long run.


The Replacement Scheme

The replacement scheme is mainly geared toward residential homeowners that are looking to upgrade their home utility systems. In general, the system was bound to come to an end on March 31, 2015, but government initiatives and the popularity of the program have led to the current year extension. As of current, there have been 18,500 boiler replacements among residential homeowners. One important factor to keep in mind though is that the replacement scheme is not applicable for every homeowner. To qualify under this scheme, you must meet a number of qualifications.


Qualifying for the Program

To qualify for the boiler upgrade under the Boiler Replacement Scheme, there are a number of conditions that you must meet. Aside from being a homeowner, you must earn less than forty thousand pounds per year. This income must be a gross income. In addition, the boiler that you earn needs to be at least 15 years old. The reason behind this is that boilers that are fifteen years or older are highly energy efficient. These boilers are also bound to break or have many different types of problems arise, thus increasing your maintenance costs.


The Grant

Finally, if you do qualify under the replacement scheme and if you would like to take advantage of the offer, then you can expert to attain a grant up to one thousand pounds to replace your boiler. The boiler that you choose needs to be more energy efficient, which means that it will be capable of condensing oil or gas or it will be a wood pellet boiler. The offer can be accessed by contacting the NIHE. A representative will be able to help guide you through the application process so that you can get your new boiler.