Solar Thermal Systems vs Electrical Heating Solutions

For years and years now, our dependency on electricity has become endless. No one can imagine how life would be without it. For the few hours that electricity is out in, we start to have a hint about how that life would be. The darkest of these thoughts is when this outage comes in winter, when you are at home and the water feels 10 times colder than outside. Didn’t you think then about replacing your heating system and how did it fail you? Think no more with solar thermal systems. Electrical heating solutions are ok, but in some cases they are useless if compared to solar thermal systems.


What is the difference?


First of all, electrical heating solution depends entirely on electricity; which can go out anytime. Just tell me how will the sun go out and you will have your answer. The sun is the most stable power source on our planet. It is clean, sustained, and very efficient and above all; it is free. Your electric heater is still heating the water for you to shower and you cannot wait for it. Why do you have to do this to yourself, when you have a power source that will provide 24/7 hot water all year long. Think about it, give us a call; and let us help you change your life in a better way.


Benefits of Using Solar Thermal Systems

  • Free energy source
  • Environment friendly
  • Provides hot water all year long
  • Great value of money

When it is on paper, you may feel it is not as great as it sounds. Just try to be a unique and environmental-friendly operated. Feel the power of the sun in your home. Let it warm up your days and nights, stand out from all the others; use solar thermal systems now.


How does it Work?


It is not complicated at all, when we setup the solar power collectors on your roof; the collected power is used to heat water in a container. This container is designed to keep hot water inside for a long time. Whenever it gets colder, it is reheated and kept at a sustained state using the still collected power. The container then is connected to your pipes’ inlet, so you can enjoy having hot water for a lifetime. Just like the mechanism of the electrical heater, only better and more efficient.


Are There Any Precautions?


Not at all, all you have to do is to turn on your hot water; and enjoy your long uninterrupted shower. It is safe as long as the sun is giving us its rays, and that never stopped for millions of years. No special adjustments to your piping or anything, just the installing of the collectors and the container and you are set to go. Our experts will come pay you a visit, tell you all that needs to be done. Upon your approval; the magic will begin, and you will have a real life changer installed in your very own house. Do not hesitate, call us now.