Solar Thermal – Heating Water Using the Power of Sun

The solar thermal energy systems are now more prevalent in use than before. It is a unit that will help in converting the radiation of the sun directly into usable heat. This alternative source of energy has been in use for hundreds of years. It is only now that its importance is spreading globally and people are coming to know about the various benefits of solar heating systems. If you are thinking of lowering your electricity bills that is ever increasing, then you can install solar thermal energy systems in your homes to greatly lower your electricity bills.


Solar Powered Heating System


A solar powered hot water system is a very simple system that makes use of the heat from the sun’s rays to heat up water for use in homes and in offices. Here, the captured solar power is not just to convert electricity like in solar PV panels, but is used to heat up water. You will be able to produce free hot water all through the year with the use of solar powered heating systems. This system is nothing but a larger heater that is used to assist the heating boiler that you have in your home. The solar hot water collectors do not heat up the water to boiling temperatures and only preheat the water using the power of the sun, It will help in delivering the same amount of warm water that you enjoyed when using gas or electrical or oil heaters.


How It Works?

  • The heat generated from the sun is captured by the solar panels that you erect on the roof of your house.
  • The heat is harnessed normally using an evacuated tube collector or solar flat plate collector or an integrated storage system.
  • The thermal energy of the sun that is collected is used to heat the water that is in the collector. The thermal collectors have a glass front and a fully insulated box that has an absorber plate made of copper or aluminium.
  • Water that is stored in the collector through a series of pumps gets heated by the solar heat collected.
  • The hot water now goes to the tank or the collector for storage. This water can be connected to the pipes in the toilets to get the hot water whenever needed.

Excellent Investment Option


Solar thermal heating systems are an excellent investment for your homes as it will help in bringing down the extensive use of electricity to deliver hot water for your bathing purposes. It will also help in greatly reducing the carbon footprint and helps you to do your bit for the environment. It is a smart way of lowering natural gas or oil bills. Even though installation and cost of panels might be higher initially, it offers greater efficiency and lowers maintenance costs, which mean that you get a higher returnon investment in quick time.




Investing in solar thermal water heating systems for your home is a very good idea as it will not just help in reducing carbon footprint, but will also help you in saving a lot of money on your electricity bill costs. One of the well-known companies that offer quality solar thermal heating solutions is Blue Flame Ltd.