Save Energy by Installing Energy Efficient Boilers in Your Home

If you are running an inefficient and old heating boiler in your home, then you are increasing your energy costs like anything as the unit would take a lot of time to get heated. The heating boiler is a product that heats the water or the steam and sends it to various parts of the home, especially the bathrooms, through the pipes. If you find that the boiler in your home is not doing the job as before, then it is about time that you thought of replacing it with a new boiler. You need to find an energy efficient boiler that will help in cutting down your energy consumption costs by saving energy. One such company that provides you with a free replacement boiler without any upfront cost is the Blue Flame Ltd.


Energy Efficient Boilers


Buying an energy efficient boiler to heat water in your home is an ideal option for you to see a drastic reduction in the fuel bills. The conventional boilers you have in your home are outdated and waste a lot of fluegases, which are exited at 250 to 300ºC. The temperature of the flue gases is brought down to 50 to 60ºC with the use of condensing boilers and this is possible with the use of extra heat exchanger. The condensing boilers are much more cost and energy efficient than conventional boilers. The efficiency of the condensing boiler is about 95%.


Use Blue Flame Boiler


The Blue Flame Ltd heating boiler is an A-rated energy efficient boiler that will help in saving more than 50 to 60 percent of your energy costs than non qualified models. The boiler has important and improved features like sealed combustion and electric ignition to boost the energy savings. This boiler will help in saving as much as £300 on your yearly gas bills. The electric ignition eliminates the necessity of a pilot light burning every single time. The latest combustion techniques are employed in this boiler which ensures that more heat is extracted from the same amount of fuel used for heating the boiler. The boiler is designed to offer highest safety standards and it also uses the outside air to fuel the burner.


Getting Boiler Replaced


If you do not have the money to pay up front to replace your existing worn out heating boiler, then you can seek help from Blue Flame Energy Solutions to get it done at no extra cost. You are eligible to get free replacement of your boiler if you satisfy the following criteria.

  • Get State benefits
  • Own a home
  • Give your property for rent


Trust Blue Flame


Blue Flame Ltd is a company that has been offering heating energy solutions for homes in the UK for more than 30 years now. We offer you top class customer service so that you do not face any problems buying and installing boilers. Getting your damaged boiler replaced for free with no upfront costs is not a problem at all with Blue Flame Energy Solutions around. Call us to heat up your homes efficiently this winter.