Install Boilers without Upfront Cost

The UK government in association with the EU has an agreement called ECO (Energy Company Obligation). This agreement aims to reduce the bad environmental effect of heating sources like coal and wood. In order to do that, the UK government has established a grant that offers free boilers which run on gas. By doing this, the UK government gets more than one bird with one stone. The grant will help the government to fulfill their promises to the EU, and also will get rid of pollution and increase the quality of public health. Anyone can apply for this new free boiler grant, with the help of several online agencies; you just fill in a form and find out if you are eligible or not. If you are eligible, then you go through the process till you get your free boiler installed.

The problem is, if you did not qualify for the grant. In this case you will not be eligible for the free boiler grant, instead; you can get a loan that will help you to improve your household quality with no upfront cost.


New Boilers Schemes

According to the ECO agreement, many companies and agencies have introduced new schemes of installing new boilers without upfront cost. Particularly Blueflame ltd is offering a new boiler installation schemes that goes like this:

  • “A” rated boiler (Vaillant brand)
  • Central heating system upgrading
  • 12 years’ service contract (including emergency calls and replacing parts)

All these terms are available at a cheap price and many reviews have said that this is a good value of many. Since the boiler is from a reliable brand, and also the 12 years contract is good enough. There is also a warranty that comes with each boiler, and this also covers up some points if anything should happen to the boiler in the time range of the warranty.


Other Alternatives for No Upfront Cost

Of course if you are eligible to the free boilers grant, then the whole process is going to be for free. Of course there will be no upfront cost for anything, all you have to do is fill in the online form and go through the process. You have to know a few things before going on in the whole free boilers grant, like it only covers you if you are a landlord, home owner or a private tenant; as the social housing is not covered. Another thing to be aware of is that if you have any benefits from a certain condition; you have to have your paperwork ready for the assessment process, you will be asked for it later on. You also have to have mains gas as your source of heating, this the only supported heating source by this grant. In order for your boiler to be replaced with a brand new one, it must be more than 8 years old. If it is not, then you will be eligible for another free repairing process to save more energy and lower your bills.