Enjoy Free Hot Water in Your Home with Solar Thermal Systems

We need hot water for various purposesevery day. Though, there are different methods for heating the water, solar thermal energy is the best option for hot water for commercial and household use. They are non-polluting unlike the fossil fuels and are safe to use. Solar thermal systems are more cost effective than gas or other heating sources and the electrical bill can be avoided by using proper solar power solutions at home and offices.


What Is Solar Thermal System?


The solar thermal system is the technology for harnessing the energy contained in sunlight. This technology allows capturing the heat of the sun’s rays and using it to heat the water. Solar energy is abundant during day time and there is no need to worry about the depletion of the energy source, when you are using solar thermal to heat the water for your daily use. You just need certain equipments to collect the energy contained in sunlight such as collectors, storage and expansion tank, mounting hardware, pumps and valves.


How The System Works?


The solar panels or collectors installed on the roof absorb the heat energy from the sunlight. When the solar fluids in the collector are hotter than the storage tank, the solar fluid will be pumped into the coils inside the tank and this will heat the water in the tank. This hot water can be used for household purpose. The solar fluid will be pumped back to the collectors for re-heating. The professional heating solutions company will install the solar thermal system at affordable rates. Once you have the system installed in your home, you will be able to enjoy free hot water throughout the year.


Benefits of Solar Thermal


The installation of solar thermal provides various benefits to the users in the UK.

  • You can receive good amount through Renewable Heat Incentive payments. The payment depends on the amount of heat produced and the size of the system installed.
  • Free from tax for seven years
  • You will be able to reduce the hot water bills
  • Funding is available for the installation of solar thermal through greener loan
  • Free EPC
  • There is no damage caused by carbon dioxide emission


Get Top End Services


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