Broken Boiler Repair Service

What if the boiler in your household gets broken or not working at all? Do not panic, you have so many ways to solve this problem. Your options are:

  • Apply online for a free boilers grant
  • Getting a loan to replace the boiler
  • Apply for a repair service contract

Each of these solutions covers a wide range of conditions for each household, as we will discuss in the next few points. Read them carefully and see which one is more suitable to your case.


Free Boilers Grant

This is the first and the easiest solution; all you have to do is go to and fill the online application. Fill in every field of it and go through the process, in the end of it you may get the result. After that, you will be contacted by a local authorized installer who will book an appointment for a survey. The last step will be booking another appointment for the installation process of your new boiler. Of course you have to keep in mind that this grant is not for everyone, you have to meet certain criteria before being able to get one.


Getting A Loan

If your application for a free boilers grant is declined, then you have another direct solution. You can have a loan that will help you replace your broken boiler, and the best thing is; you can do this without any upfront cost. This option is also available for anyone who did not even fail to apply; you can get a loan directly to do such a process. Banks across the UK can offer reasonable loans for household improvement solution, and one of them of course is repairing or replacing your broken boiler.


Repair Service Contract

This is one of the most efficient solutions, many companies offer several forms of service contracts. These contracts differ depending on their terms, including: the contract period, contract options and of course the contract fees. Companies are competing in offering a combination of quality services and reasonable price. Contracts include the following: fixed price for the provided services, plus an additional optional fee for extra services. The main services provided in almost every contract include: boiler repair –which is the main idea of this article-, heating controls and the central heating system. Extra fees may be charged for extra services like: being able to book you repairs appointment online; and to have unlimited times to call the service out.